The Chef’s Table

Created by the Chefs of Maggiano’s Little Italy

January 13, 2015

We blended traditional ingredients like cream, garlic and Asiago cheese with a white wine chicken stock. This left the sauce with a bright, clean feel. We stirred in bright green asparagus cut on a slight bias. Our hand-cut artisan fettuccine only needs to boil for about 30 seconds before we add it. Then it simmers for 15 seconds, which is just long enough to tighten up the sauce.

As our chefs plate the entrée, they pull the ingredients to the top. This allows you to smell the smokiness of the grilled chicken and see the green of the asparagus. The whole dish is garnished with freshly chopped chives to add a bit of spiciness, as well as a grated Asiago cheese that has a nutty quality that complements the Alfredo.

Our Lighter Take Fettuccine Alfredo is a true reinvention of the entrée. We experimented with every ingredient from the ground up and tested new techniques along the way. That makes it a special accomplishment and addition to the menu. Enjoy at our place or try the recipe at home.

Join us at to see how we proved to ourselves that the Lighter Take menu lives up to the name Maggiano’s — guaranteed to satisfy, or it’s on us!

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